How The Smart Order System Can Automate Your Inventory

by eTailPet | Apr 17, 2023

Smart Order System has emerged as a key feature in eTailPet industry’s leading retail software for pet stores.  This system automatically orders inventory on behalf of pet store owners and managers, syncing stores both online and offline.  The system is unique in that it places orders in accordance with products that sell.  

Sit back and relax as the Smart Order System orders new inventory in proportion to your stores’ unique product sales and you’ll rest easy knowing your inventory is automated to perfection.

An Inside Look at the Smart Order System

The dynamics of the eTailPet Smart Order System are unlike any other.  We make it easy to transition from inventory to cash, reordering, restocking and ensuing sales, creating the perfect cycle.  Our system is proven to save pet store owners tens of thousands of dollars per door, turning inventory into cash without impediment or inefficiency.  

Most pet store retailers carry around 150K worth of inventory for every 100K of sales.  Our Smart Order System reduces this figure to 80K to 90K for each 100K in sales, setting the stage for a growing business across posterity.  In short, we make it easy to turn your inventory into cash without delay, then repeat the process across posterity.

Efficient Order Management System

Our point-of-sale software is specifically designed for pet stores.  Take advantage of this highly efficient order management system and you’ll successfully streamline operations, boost your business and add to the bottom line.  eTailPet’s Smart Order System helps you sell more yet do so in an intelligent manner.  The system’s efficiency makes it the most advanced point of sale (POS) approach to inventory management on the market.  

The best part is our efficient order management system keeps track of sales that are both in-store and online, proving efficient for web-based and traditional pet store businesses.  This surefire approach guarantees you don’t end up overstocking or depleting inventory.  As is often said, the cardinal sin of business is leaving money on the table when insufficient inventory fails to meet customer demand.

The Problem: Challenges with Traditional Order Management Systems

The conventional approach to order management is inefficient, clunky and unnecessarily slow.  Instead of hand-counting inventory or waiting until inventory depletes to restock, automate the process through our Smart Order System.  We automate inventory management for optimal efficiency that maximize sales and profitability.  

Let our proven system do the work on your behalf and you won’t have to worry about inaccuracies in manual order processing.  Nor will your pet store business be held back by an inability to meet high order volumes, even if they are placed last minute and exceed the size of regular orders.  

Add in the fact that the Smart Order System facilitates sales management across a litany of channels and you’ll rest easy knowing your team isn’t burdened with the challenges of simultaneously managing a plethora of sales channels without the support of a highly efficient automated system.

The Solution: Smart Order System

Our Smart Order System automates the entirety of order processing on behalf of pet store owners and managers.  We centralize order management across all sales channels, creating a computerized hub that facilitates order placement, distribution and sales in a timely manner.  This is the real-time inventory management your pet store needs.  Let the Smart Order System function autonomously in the background as you and your team focus on customer relations and advertising, continue to select the best new products for your online/offline store and you’ll enjoy unparalleled efficiency.  

The Smart Order System is even advanced to the point that it can be fully customized based on your pet store’s unique preferences.  Whether you sell 100% online, are a traditional brick-and-mortar business or a hybrid business split between online and offline, our system will work for your idiosyncratic setup.  Consult with our team to better understand how to customize the Smart Order System for your business and you’ll find it empowers your enterprise to scale accordingly as your business continues to grow and expand. 

The Smart Order System is complete with the industry’s sole vendor credit module that tracks vendor returns, recalls, expirations and more on your behalf.  There’s no need to be intimidated by the system as we provide convenient live 15-minute walkthroughs at your preferred time.

Features of the eTailPet Smart Order System

The magic of our Smart Order System is its ability to process the flow of orders at all times of the day and night.  Even if you are on vacation or sleeping, the Smart Order System will continue to function to perfection on your behalf.  The system’s architecture is designed to expedite the processing of orders with full integration across all sales channels and marketplaces, both online and offline.

The eTailPet Smart Order System increases customer order size and ongoing sales through the industry’s sole Astro Loyalty integration capability.  You can set up your web-based pet store in mere minutes without mastering the steep learning curve of an overly-complex eCommerce tool.  The system is advanced to the point that it provides curbside pickup, empowering you to process orders when your store is closed, ultimately ensuring you make money 24/7/365, even when sleeping.  This is the effortless approach to inventory every pet store owner needs and deserves.

Our trademarked Smart Order System is programmed to understand your unique pet store in terms of sales, inventory challenges and other idiosyncrasies.  The system’s analysis communicates exactly what must be ordered in accordance with what is selling.  The Smart Order System tracks online and offline orders, ensuring you never have to guesstimate when placing a purchase order.  

Transition to our proven system and the days of chasing vendors for reimbursement will be in the rearview mirror.  The system’s reimbursement process is automatically triggered at the point that an item is returned.  Tracking occurs every step of the way to the point of completion, guaranteeing money is received, ultimately liberating you to focus on other business-related matters.

Our system facilitates truly seamless payment processing.  Integrated payments through CardConnect guarantees customers pay in their preferred manner.  This is your opportunity to manage your enterprise from all locations, regardless of the time of day or night. 

Success with the eTailPet Smart Order System

Our clients rave about the results achieved after the transition to the eTailPet Smart Order System.  

The numbers tell the story: 

  • Savings of up to 20% of inventory costs up-front 
  • An average savings of $1,200 per month in labor

These savings are achieved through a combination of booking appointments on the web, opening online stores through our easy to grasp total business management solutions and automated ordering for seamless inventory transitions.

Add the Smart Order System to Your Business Today

Efficient online order management is a call away.  If you own or manage a pet store online or offline, consider adopting the Smart Order System.  Our technology streamlines inventory, increases sales and ensures you never leave money on the table with unmet demand.  

Reach out to us today at (323) 370-0738 or contact us by email at to learn more about how the Smart Order System will boost your pet store’s profitability.

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