Customer Referral Program

Love using eTailPet? Have friends or family who operate small businesses and could use a new POS? Share the love! Refer another business owner to us and earn $500 cash when they become a POS customer.

How Does Our eTailPet Refer and Receive Program Work?

Fill Out The Form
Complete the referral form below to help the eTailPet community grow. We invite you to refer anyone you’d like, but please don’t refer an existing eTailPet customer, yourself or your own businesses.
Wait For Onboarding
We’ll introduce ourselves and get to know your referral’s business. If our POS is a good fit for your referral, then we get their point of sale system up and running.
Earn $$$
After your referral has been processing credit card transactions with us for 30 days, you will receive your reward payment.