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Trust is everything in life and business.  Customers who are loyal to a pet store should be rewarded accordingly as that loyalty is indicative of trust worthy of reciprocation.  Develop a rapport with your customer base through the assistance of eTailPet and the continued customer patronage will prove mutually beneficial to pet owners and your enterprise. 

Our system is the industry’s best POS for ASTRO loyalty program integration.  We seamlessly implement ASTRO loyalty rewards information through flawless POS integration.  Here’s an inside look at the merits of loyalty rewards for pet stores.


Understanding the Value of Loyalty Programs in Pet Stores

A pet store loyalty program has the potential to make the difference between continued patronage and departure for a competitor.  Implement a loyalty program at your pet store and you’ll promote continued patronage and also inspire some customers to spread the word about your pet store business to others throughout the community as well as pet owners on the web through social media, online reviews, etc.

Loyalty programs fortify customer relationships, fostering repeat business.  The discount, freebie or other benefit offered through a loyalty program serves as the positive reinforcement necessary to increase sales through repeat business.  Continue to reward your loyal customers through the program, offering new forms of positive reinforcement for additional sales and they won’t even ponder the idea of venturing to a competitor.


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Key Features of an Effective Pet Store Loyalty Program

No two pet store loyalty programs are exactly the same.  Some pet stores personalize offers for individual clients while others provide referral bonuses, tiered rewards or other forms of positive reinforcement.  In particular, point systems are especially effective as they encourage customers to continue making purchases, racking up the points and using those points for discounts, freebies, etc.

The best pet store loyalty programs are characterized by simple and direct enrollment without barriers to entry.  Make your pet store enrollment fast, user-friendly and intuitive, perfect the interfaces and your customers will seamlessly transition to a rewards program that inspires continued patronage.


How to Implement a Loyalty Program in Your Pet Store

There is no sense attempting to master the technical challenges of implementing a loyalty program at your pet store when the experts can do the work on your behalf.  Sit down with the tech wizards or meet via webcam, plan out the structure of the loyalty program, determine a launch date and establish a plan for moving forward to manage the program with efficiency.

The technical specialists will also prove invaluable in weaving the loyalty program into your current point-of-sale (POS) system.  Whether your business is strictly web-based or a hybrid between offline and online, it will require a seamless loyalty program integration into the current POS system as well as the current e-commerce platform.


Benefits of a Well-Executed Loyalty Program

Rush through the planning and implementation of your pet store loyalty program and you’ll find customers aren’t that interested in building up points or earning other benefits.  Execution is the name of the game.  Brainstorm your loyalty program, be patient when implementing it to perfect every detail and the end result will enhance customer engagement all the more.  

A well-executed loyalty program will build strong ties between the store and customers, inspiring repeat business.  Continue to diversify incentives, expand those incentives as time progresses and refuse to rest on your laurels.  It is these incentives that inspire customers to continue spending larger amounts of money at your pet store’s traditional retail locations or online store.


Showcasing Successful Pet Store Loyalty Programs

Most of the top pet stores have loyalty programs.  As an example, PetSmart’s PetPerks Loyalty program provides members with coupons, birthday gifts and special member pricing.  PetSmart loyalty program participants also receive discounts and deals along with exclusive access to special in-store events.  

Purina offers a loyalty program dubbed the Purina Club.  Members of the club earn points, rewards, gift cards and more.  The program’s points can be exchanged for low-cost or no-cost veterinarian care and pet food.  Members also receive a subscription to Today’s Breeder magazine.  

Pets at Home’s VIP pet loyalty program provides club members with tips, offers, savings and more.  Each VIP Pets Loyalty program member receives a voucher for 10% off a purchase along with another 10% off of an additional purchase.  

PETCO’s pals Rewards Dollars program provides 5 dollars for each $100 spent.  The program also provides coupons sent by email that can be applied to sales either online or in-store. 

Fresh Step, a relatively new entrant to the pet food game, offers a Paw Points rewards program that empowers members to earn points and redeem products.  

Paw Points rewards provide perks ranging from cool dog and cat computer/phone wallpaper backgrounds all the way to fancy iPhone cases with pet themes.  Paw Points are accumulated through profile completion, the sharing of pet pictures, watching Fresh Step brand videos and playing the company’s app games. 


Future Trends in Pet Store Loyalty Programs

Pet store loyalty rewards programs continue to evolve with each passing year.  The rewards programs of today will undoubtedly prove quite different from those implemented in the years and decades ahead.  Fast forward a couple years into the future and you will likely find pet store loyalty rewards programs driven by artificial intelligence (AI).  

AI will shape such rewards programs for customer personalization, providing individualized rewards tailored to each customer based on previous purchases, type of pet and other details.  Moreover, the pet store loyalty programs of the future will also be fully integrated with technology including social media platforms.  

Businesses that stay up to date on these trends will enjoy a competitive advantage that helps capture additional market share.  Seize the opportunity to take full advantage of the industry’s latest trends such as mobile app-based pet store loyalty programs, consult with our tech experts for ongoing guidance and we’ll help you make the most out of technological innovation for increased customer loyalty.


eTailPet is on Your Side

Pet store owners throughout the United States rave about eTailPet for good reason.  We make it easy for pet store owners to launch or enhance customer loyalty programs.  If you own or manage a pet store, we invite you to share your experiences.  Even if you simply have a thought or two about loyalty rewards as a concept in the pet industry, we want to hear from you.  

Reach out to eTailPet today by dialing 323.370.0738 or by email at to learn more about how we can help your business implement the right loyalty rewards program.

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