Unleashing the Power of Customer Data: Leveraging Your POS System for Pet Stores

by eTailPet | Jul 31, 2023

The modern POS plays a central role in the digital transformation of pet stores and their day-to-day operations. One of the biggest advantages for retail brands has been the increase in customer data and the ways that it can be used. Your POS is a powerful platform that can provide you with endless valuable insights about your customers and leads:

  • Demographics 
  • Pain points
  • Purchase concerns
  • Newsletter status
  • Rewards program status
  • Previous purchase history
  • Preferred communication channels 
  • And so much more!

In pet retail, as more pet owners seek out stores that will help them cater to and pamper their pets, having a robust, integrated POS is critical. Not only does it help you capture customer data, but it provides you with the means to put that data to work in various ways. 

This allows you to market to customers more effectively, increase conversion rates, improve your outreach campaigns based on customer data, and so much more. That is, of course, as long as you know how to put your customer data to good use. 

Let’s dive in. 

Capturing Customer Data at the Point of Sale 

When a customer purchases at your pet store (or on your website), there’s tons of valuable information that you can collect:

  • Items purchased
  • Repeat purchases 
  • Services (grooming, etc.)
  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers 

If you have a loyalty program and the right POS, you can essentially track each customer’s entire journey with your pet store from their very first interaction. That’s a lot of valuable data that you can use to create a totally personalized experience. 

Of course, there’s also the concern of data privacy. You’ll need to make sure that you get customers’ permission to store and use their personal information. When you choose a high-quality POS solution like eTailPet, you can guarantee maximum data privacy and compliance with all regulations. 

Building Customer Profiles 

Of course, if you’re going to leverage the value of the data that your POS is collecting, you have to put it to use. The first step will be in creating comprehensive customer profiles. You can do this by having your POS transfer all important information to your CRM database. In addition to basic contact information, you’ll also want to track things like purchase history, pet information, preferences, and other important details. 

Want to leverage these profiles for even more wins? Segment your customers using the data that you’ve collected and send ultra-targeted marketing campaigns to each group for increased engagement and conversions. 

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Speaking of engagement, that’s another benefit that comes from leveraging the customer data in your POS system. All this data that you’ve collected can now be used to help you create personalized recommendations, marketing materials, promotional offers, loyalty programs, and more. 

Customer engagement is an essential element in any retail business. When you can leverage the power of data, you will be able to deliver an even better experience for every customer that walks through your door (literally or virtually). 

Improving Inventory Management

Customer data can also come in handy for your inventory management. Not only can it help you plan your inventory more effectively, but you can even take it one step further and analyze customer purchase patterns to improve stock management. That also helps you avoid overstocking, which reduces holding costs and saves on inventory losses. 

When you utilize customer data, sales data, and other insights gleaned by your POS, you will be able to better predict demand, plan inventory levels, and anticipate major sales or boosts in a certain type of product or service. 

Tailoring Marketing Strategies

In retail, today’s customers want personalized interaction with all the brands that they choose. Having access to this wealth of customer data is going to make it easier for your pet store to craft unique targeted marketing campaigns based on the data you collect. 

As mentioned, you can use customer segmentation to focus on certain demographics or audiences. You can also utilize the data to implement social media and email marketing campaigns that hit the mark time and time again. 

Monitoring Customer Satisfaction

Modern POS systems like eTailPet also make it easy for you to collect and incorporate reviews and feedback from your customers. This helps find areas that need improvement, as well as in resolving specific customer issues. And since you get the information in real time, you never have to worry about someone waiting too long for a response. 

Implementing Customer Data Security Measures 

Of course, you must choose a high-quality pet store POS that includes data security features and complies with all industry standards and regulations. This will ensure the secure storage and transmission of all customer data and guarantee that you comply with all laws. 

At the same time, you’ll need to educate your staff on data security best practices so that everyone knows how to keep customers’ information protected while still leveraging it for all that it is worth. 

Integrating Customer Data with CRM Systems 

The real value comes when you not only leverage your POS but integrate it with your CRM so that you can streamline customer information, communications, and interactions for easier tracking. This allows you to create a holistic view of the customer journey and deliver a more personalized experience at every touchpoint along the way. 

A streamlined system also means that your team is working smarter, not harder. They can spend more time taking care of people (and pets) and less time on paperwork and tedious POS management. 

Analyzing Customer Data for Business Insights

All this data can also help you make some very valuable business decisions. Your POS can provide you with insights to identify popular products, shopping trends, emerging preferences, new pet industry features, and so much more. You can also use this data to optimize your pricing strategy and maximize your profits. 

Overcoming Challenges and Pitfalls

Of course, none of this happens without accurate, high-quality data. You need to coach your team on data accuracy and integrity. You should also provide customers with proper opt-outs and privacy policies so that they know what’s happening to their personal information. 

Most importantly, you’ll want to have a data backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Even if your POS and CRM are hosted in the cloud, you could still lose a lot of valuable data if a breach or other incident were to occur. 


As you can see, there is so much that you can do with all of the customer data that your new POS will allow you to collect. You can even put the POS reports to work to help you make data-driven decisions to build lasting relationships and drive business growth. Just remember to follow the best practices and choose a reputable POS solution like eTailPet to help you make the most of your customer data.

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