Dog Walkers and Pet Services Point of Sale Solution


Really Go Places.

Grow your pet walking business with our easy-to-use, customizable, made-for-pet-business solutions. Designed to automate booking, improve pet experiences, optimize your time, and improve customer loyalty.

Choosing eTailPet.

The journey to success begins with a single step.


A complete pet business point of sale solution - to optimize your dog walking business.


Step up your marketing with integrated solutions to grow your business’ footprint.

Appointment Booking

Made-for-pet business solution designed to automate booking and manage scheduling.

eTailPet Dog Walker Point of Sale

The most advanced pet service POS system.

Sales Made Simple

Whether you’re looking to optimize inventory and generate critical sales reports, or simply keep track of business, our all-in-one solution includes a powerful point of sale meant to grow with you!


eTailPet Marketing

Expand your business’s paw print with our suite of integrated, online marketing tools.

Share it.

Keep pet parents in the know, with eTailPet Marketing, easily share photos of happy pet clients.

Post it.

Our dashboard let’s you post simultaneously in real-time or by scheduling ahead to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Create it.

Create digital marketing assets with easy-to-use tools, templates, and images to get the word out about dog walking specials, available openings on your schedule, and more!

Never Run Out of Content

Leverage premade posts from national pet brands or use the tools and templates within our content library to create digital marketing assets on the fly.

Educate Pet Parents.

Be the master of all things dog walking! Create, manage, and share information related to tips, tricks, and best practices for pet walking. Expand your reach by sharing general information to improve the experience of pet parents and your furry guests.

Build Your Brand.

You are as good as your word (and the reviews you generate)! Use eTailPet Marketing to generate glowing reviews on your pet parents favorite platforms like Facebook and Google.

eTailPet Bookings

A full schedule is good for business, if you’re a dog walker! Our solutions are designed to make the booking and scheduling management of your pet walking service easier than ever.

Bookings and Subscriptions Made Simple.

  • Let customers self-book to save time (and money)
  • Make it simple for a one-time dog walk to become a return customer with return booking promotions and a
  • Membership and Subscription offering
  • It’s all in the details–easily manage pet client records that include names, personality traits, breed, size, and vaccination history
  • Advertise (and fill) last-minute cancellations
  • Fully customizable to fit your business


Seamless payment processing.

All-in-one pet retail platform at eTailPet means you enjoy our software, support, AND integrated payment processing, so your customers can pay however they want and your business doesn’t skip a beat.

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Take control of your business.

Learn how eTailPet’s industry-leading tools can give you back your time and protect your money.

Transform your pet store. Outsell your competitors. Stay independent.