Designed by independent pet store owners.

When it comes to indie pet, we've thought of everything. Our wide range of features are built for independent pet stores as well as other pet-centered independent businesses. 





Independent Pet Stores

Grow your business online and in-store.


Manage your store effortlessly.

Our goal: helping you achieve yours. Made for pet businesses from the ground up, our complete pet store software solutions are designed with your success in mind.

What sets eTailPet's all-in-one software apart?

  • eTailPet is the only FULLY Integrated POS with Astro Loyalty
  • Our Smart Order System helps you optimize inventory - telling you what to order based on what’s actually selling online and in store
  • Our exclusive vendor credit module gets you a refund for every defective product, all the damaged POs, and every PO shortage
  • Special requests to ensure your customers get what they need

Grow your pet store with a pet-specific POS.

Other retail POS providers don't know the challenges pet store owners face. We do.


Processed through eTailPet POS


Average up-front inventory savings


Average monthly labor savings

Pet Services

Our software helps all pet-centered businesses succeed.
Groomer Pom Pomeranian 2

Pet Grooming.

Our booking software makes it easy for pet groomers to focus on their pet customers rather than on the business of running a business. Clients can book appointments online easily and our system tracks all the details of past appointments, so you can focus on pampering those pets.

Dog Walking Dog 2

Dog Walking.

Give your customers what they want, such as easy online scheduling, easy automated communication, a built-in loyalty program, and secure payment processing. 

Plus our QuickSnag feature lets you alert pet parents of upcoming cancellations so you can keep spots filled easily. Focus on wrangling dogs, not appointments. 

Dog Cat Woman Couch Phone Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting.

Manage your pet sitting schedule easily, and track all your client details in one place. Plus, our built-in marketing tools help you get found online and grow your business.

Pet Bakeries

Pet bakeries have special needs. Our software is designed for that.

Dog Bone Cake JRT Birthday 2

End to end pet bakery management.

Manage your pet bakery business easily with all-in-one software, so you can focus on growing your business. This pet-powered software helps you:

  • Order and manage raw ingredients for recipes
  • Optimize inventory with the SOS™ Smart Order System, the only system that tells you what to order based on what you’re actually using
  • Create consistency across employees and locations
  • eCommerce store to reach your customers online

Plus, build your own subscription and other recurring revenue plans so you can get creative and create monthly income streams.

Take control of your business.

Learn how eTailPet's industry-leading tools can give you back  your time and protect your money.