Fast answers to common questions.

Getting started with eTailPet is simple and easy! You’ll need a domain name, general information about your store, and a credit card. There’s no infrastructure required, and you’ll start selling online immediately.
Please refer to our price section for a full list of details.
Because 80% of transactions are from 400 products and 95% of transactions are from 1500 products, we suggest listing only your top selling SKUs. These are the products pet parents are searching for online in your local community.
No problem. Just submit a catalog request through the service desk in your retailer dashboard and let our catalog team do the rest. It’s easy meets peasy. Meets you.
Currently all eTailPet payments are processed by our merchant partner, CardConnect. You’ll receive payments from your online sales from CardConnect and continue to receive credit card payments from your store through your existing credit card processor.
You do you. If you’d like to skip the local delivery option, just turn it off on your eTailPet Dashboard and offer only shop online, pick up in-store/curbside. And FYI, 70% of online sales that offer local delivery are shop online, pick up in store.

Sellit! Online is a standalone platform. You can choose to key in each online order as it comes in, or you can do one batch transaction for all of your online orders at the end of the day. API Catalog Sync is available at a billable premium. Looking for a complete, integrated solution? You’re in luck. Sell It! POS offers POS and eCommerce all-in-one.

You bet. You can place a SHOP NOW button or link on your existing pages and seamlessly direct users to your eTailPet site. If you want to move everything to one place, our content pages are easy to edit and publish.
eTailPet was made for pet business owners by a pet business owner, so we’re committed to helping you start easy and stay strong. In addition to articles, how-to videos, dashboard features, FAQs and our online community, we offer personal support from our helpful staff. Or feel free to drop us an email: [email protected].

To clarify our policy on refunds, in addition to the agreement you acknowledge when you purchase from us, we make this page easily accessible.

Before you make a purchase from us we encourage you to join our live demos, live training, and watch our prerecorded videos to fully understand what you are purchasing. Additionally, you are required to read these terms carefully BEFORE making your purchase with us.

When you purchase our products, you are given access to information and technology which is considered software as a service “Saas” and because of this, we do not issue refunds. Upon purchase, you are agreeing that all sales are final regardless of if you logged in, accessed, or used them.

You agree that the following grounds are not acceptable reasons for refunds:

  • You’ve changed your mind
  • You’ve decided our software is “Not what I need”
  • You’ve decided to stop using our software
  • You don’t have the time to use our software
  • You’ve found a different solution
  • You made modifications and now the “software works differently than expected”
  • Your business no longer needs our software
  • You experience conflicts with other 3rd party software connected to our product
  • The product is not what you expected
  • You didn’t receive acceptable customer support
  • You are selling your business
  • Any other reason

Sales Are Final. When you make a purchase from us you fully understand that all sales are final. You agree to never dispute or charge-back the purchase with your bank or credit card company. If you do, you agree that the charges were valid and further agree that eTailPet shall automatically be entitled to all funds collected regardless if you change your mind later.

We Do Not Prorate. When you make a purchase from us, you are purchasing access to our software and are committing to paying the full amount you are billed. In the event you cancel or are terminated, we do not prorate fees or provide partial refunds.

You understand when service is terminated eTailPet will not store any system data and the information will be purged without an active subscription.

Cancellations must be submitted in writing to the service desk or [email protected] at least 10 business days before the next billing period, otherwise, your subscription will continue to the next billing term.