eTailPet Bookings

The perfect booking solution for your
pet service business.

No bones about it, the pet industry is booming. Grow your pet service business with easy, online booking that offers unbeatable customizability and unparalleled performance.

The perfect booking solution for your
pet service business


Bookings works for all pet-centered service businesses.

Schedule success with Bookings!

Manage appointments, optimize efficiency, and maximize your profits with our intuitive online booking system.

Monetize your time.

Built-in scheduling management and cross-selling recommendations so every day is a profitable one.

Plus, build your own subscription and other recurring revenue plans so you can get creative and create monthly income streams.

Personalize your service.

Make every experience memorable. Create personalized profiles so you can deliver the perfect experience for each of your customers.

Customize your schedule.

Build your schedule the way you want it.  Our online booking tool will help you spend less time on the phone and more time doing the things that matter.

Simplified eCommerce

Create your online pet service site, complete with payment integration, tip management and more, all with your branding.

Payment processing

Easily, conveniently and securely manage payments with CardConnect at a special rate negotiated just for eTailPet customers. Learn more now.

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More Bookings features

Easy-to-use interface for pet parents and your team
Optimal reliability to keep you up and running
Real-time support and training
Tools to easily manage attendants and locations

“eTailPet has been a pleasure to work with in not only explaining the benefits of their program but also assisting with the entire set up and promotion of the program to help it be successful!”

Col 5 (1)-1

Transform your pet store.
Outsell your competitors.
Stay independent.