By, with, and for pet businesses.

At eTailPet we weren’t just made for the retail revolution. We were made for you.

Founded by independent pet store owner Berenice Giannini, eTailPet is the only full-service solution created for pet businesses by a pet business owner.


We’re real people behind our software. We know what it’s like to run a pet business because we’ve been there ourselves. We understand the challenges you face and the standards that you uphold.


We’re thoughtful in how we implement changes and launch new products. We’re dedicated to you, and it shows in everything we do and are.

Our Core Values.

We’re driven by a love of animals, a desire to serve our customers and a dedication to diversity. So who are we and what do we stand for? Here’s our short list:

Independent pet businesses

We’re in it for the independents, the small pet business owners who serve pets and their parents. We’re in the business of turning customers into fans. That’s why we put you first—always.

Transformational work

We’re working to transform the pet industry by offering an all-in-one platform that helps independent pet businesses remain competitive and profitable.


Helping you succeed is our pet project. We love what we do and are passionate about sharing our talents, helping you bridge the technology gap and breaking down barriers so you can win.


We’re curious by nature. We listen first and ask questions to continually evolve our business to serve you.


We’re up front and open about what we can do, our commitments and our promises.


We believe in doing our best, then doing better than that. We believe in using failure as a launching pad for learning. We believe in moving forward, working together, loving rather than judging, and doing the right thing even (or especially) when it’s the hard thing.

Diversity and inclusivity

We’re the only female-founded company of its kind in this space, and many of our company’s employees proudly identify as BIPOC. We strive for diversity, inclusion and allyship in all that we do.


No matter what, we have something to smile about. It never hurts.

We’re here to support you, every step of the way.

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