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SEO & In-Store Traffic Booster

Driving traffic has never been this easy or convenient.

Business Listing

Proactive & Unified Business Listing

With 86% of consumers using online maps & navigation apps to discover local businesses. Keywords like “where to buy” or “near me” are up over 200% in recent years.

eTailPet makes it possible to manage your business listing in one convenient location & then sync it across 100+ of the most popular search engines and navigation apps.

Customer Engagement

Social, Simplified

Brands that engage with consumers on social are more likely to tap into the 78% of folks who say they are more willing buy from a brand they have positive experiences with on their favorite networks. Doing so is easier than ever with eTailPet’s SEO & In-Store Traffic Booster.

Effectively & Efficiently

Save Time & Money

  • Preloaded content from the industry’s most beloved brand.
  • Create & schedule for future dates so you can focus on the “now.”
  • Posting is easy. Listening & engaging is now too with unified mentions.
  • Know what matters & how much with social & web analytics.
Social Capital

Build You Brand with Customer Reviews

The easiest way to get more positive reviews on your listings and stop poor feedback from being public.

Shareit! –  Listit! – Reviewit! 

The all-in-one Barketing Bundle for indie pet.

Get the attention your pet store deserves: Ramp up your marketing with social media posts designed for indie pet, boost your review ratings to convince pet parents to pick you and optimize your search engine results to ensure you are found on Google and everywhere else pet parents are searching online.


Spread the word—and the love. Use Shareit!, our robust social media and content management tool, to get the word out about your business, gain customers, educate pet parents, promote products and make connections. All from one easy-to-use dashboard.


Social media tools

Create your own content. Use our easy, intuitive tools, templates and comprehensive content library to build banners, ads, posts, blogs and more.

Ready-to-go posts

Not sure what to post? No problem! Leverage branded curated content, including thousands of media images, web banners and educational information, from beloved pet brands like Nutrisource, Primal Pet Foods and Fromm.

Keyword tracking

Track keywords, including your business name, to be part of the conversation. Effectively use trending hashtags to reach more people.


Post scheduling tools

Don’t stress about posting every day. Schedule posts in advance according to the calendar and cadence you create.

Built-in engagement reporting

Power up posts with analytics at your fingertips. Use the Shareit! dashboard to uncover valuable information, such as engagement, audience growth and the best time to post.

Other features

  • Full integration with Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest
  • Canva integration
  • Holiday posts
  • Campaign planning
  • Web banners


Mark your territory. Maintain market share. Give pet parents what they really want: local shopping with the convenience of online selection (including raw and frozen foods), curbside pickup and home delivery.


Get Found On Google

Listit! gets your pet business to show up higher on local search results by optimizing your profiles across popular platforms such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, Siri, & Maps.

Get Listed Everywhere

Listit! will optimize your existing profiles or create new ones for you on popular platforms that cover 95% of all online searches.

Update In One Click

Add and update your pet store’s information in our Listit! portal and watch as we send it to 40+ platforms including Google, Yelp, FB, and others.

Rank Higher with Auto Updates

Listit! works in the background to refresh and optimize your profiles across the internet so your business can keep building authority and ranking higher.

Get More Customers

90% of people are searching for businesses like yours online each month. Only the most optimized business profiles show up on the first page. If you’re not on the first page you’re not winning their business.


With Reviewit!, you can easily automate asking your customers to leave you a review via SMS, QR code, or email. We give you the tools to get more 5-star reviews on Google & Yelp so your business profile will rank higher, and convert more visitors to customers. You don’t get what you don’t ask for!

Get More 5-Star Reviews

Reviewit! helps you easily get more
positive reviews from pet parents on sites like Google, Facebook, & Yelp.

Worried About Negative Reviews?

Our review request tool will make sure only the positive reviews get published online.

Reviews with Results

87% of people will compare your online business profiles to your competitors’ and simply pick the one with the most positive reviews. Is that going to be you? Make sure you have tons of 5-star reviews!

See All Reviews at Once

Reviews from across the web will be in one place to easily spot trends and quickly respond to your customers.

Track Your Competitors

See what people in your city like more or less about your three closest competitors so you can take action and improve where needed.

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