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On November 1, 2022

Introducing the New & Improved Sales Screen

Here at eTailPet we’ve been working very hard over the last few months on an upgrade we think our POS retailers will really enjoy: a new and improved “New Sale” screen! With some new functionality, we have made it easier for you to use than ever before.

We understand that this will be a pretty major change. To help you prepare, here’s a summary of the changes we will be rolling out and what it means for you.

First things first: timing. The new sales screen is going live November 2nd. We know that the holidays are just around the corner and it will be a very busy time for you all, so if you don’t feel ready to jump in, you won’t be forced to use it right away. The legacy (current) version will still be an option temporarily throughout the holiday season. However, we encourage you to test out the new sales screen because it can actually make you more efficient throughout the holiday season.

Below is what the sidebar and new sales screen will look like. On the left hand side, there will be 1. New Sale, and 2. New Sale (beta). The latter will be the updated sale screen with all the great, new features.

new and improved sales screen - etalpet

We have taken your feedback and focused on the things that matter to you most, starting with the location of the customer screen: we’ve made it more accessible, allowing you to make changes to your cart quickly. Below are some of the other improvements you can enjoy!

  • Enhanced layout for seamless navigation
  • Add a new customer easily.
  • A new way to locate customers with various parameters
  • Product searches made simple all in one place
  • Hold cart options for phone or future orders
  • Intuitive payment options
  • Drag and drop payment screen

We hope you love the new layout and functionality and use it to increase your efficiency and profits this holiday season!

Published by eTailPet
On November 1, 2022