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We can’t help with clogged drains or low water pressure, but eTailPet has the products you need to trim inefficiencies and grow opportunities.

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pet services

Get growth on the books.

You have enough on your plate. Between grooming pets and managing your business, you don’t have time to spare—or to waste. Created specifically for the pet industry, our powerful, easy-to-use solution lets pet parents book online, helps you dial in pricing, creates continuity across employees and allows you to reach new customers. So you can do what you do best and grow your business. Win. And win.

  • Let customers book online to save yourself (and your staff) time
  • Create records of pet guests based on their breed, size, temperament, vaccination history, fragrance preference and more for a better experience and continuity across staff and locations
  • Offer customers last-minute appointments to fill cancellations 
  • Manage gratuities  
  • Compete against self-wash services 
  • Increase sales by leveraging pet profiles to create tailor-made recommendations for purchases
  • Customize features to fit your needs

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  • Create and manage social media posts with easy-to-use tools, templates and a comprehensive library of images (no designer needed!)
  • Schedule posts to all of your social media channels instantly from a single dashboard
  • Share professionally designed posts specifically made for your grooming business

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