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The furever booking solution for your pet service business.

No bones about it, the pet industry is booming. Grow pet service business with easy, online booking that offers unbeatable customizability and unparalleled performance.

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Put growth and profitability on the books with Bookit!’s easy, intuitive, business-building features.


Online booking

Empower customers (and your bottom line). Let customers book appointments for pet services. So you can spend more time caring for pets—and your business.

Customized profiles

Use powerful tools to customize the pet service experience with information about name, breed, size, temperament, vaccination history, fragrance preference and more.

Food & medication tracker

Cross-sell. Dig deep to understand pets’ needs so that you can recommend food and supplements. It’s good for them. And good for revenue.


Simplified eCommerce

Create your online pet service site, complete with payment integration, tip management and more, all with your branding.

Last-minute bookings

Use our QuickSnag feature to inform customers of upcoming cancellations to keep spots filled and days profitable.

Loyalty programs

Encourage repeat visits and purchases with loyalty programs, return-visit promotions and more.

Pet parent communications

Keep pet parents in the loop with automated emails.

Payment processing

Easily, conveniently and securely manage payments with CardConnect at a special rate negotiated just for eTailPet customers. Learn more now.


Save money and know exactly what you’ll pay each month with our easy, affordable flat-rate fee


Other features

  • Easy-to-use interface for pet parents and your team
  • Fast processing and optimal reliability to keep you up and running
  • Tools to easily manage attendants and locations
  • High customizability 
  • Real-time support and training