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On October 13, 2020

October BARK! Session

Join us for a free webinar on October 15th at 11am PDT!

BARK! is about Bringing All Retailers Knowledge!

Bere Giannini Founder of eTailPet will be discussing the importance of independent pet stores in our communities and how we can stay engaged with pet parents to make them life-long customers. She  will be joined by Dr. Danielle Bernal of Wellness to give us the up to date news on pet nutrition as well as their latest product offerings.

Wellness is giving away a free case of 4lb CORE Wholesome Grains Original to the first 25 customers to register!*

Here is What You’ll Learn
Creating Customer Loyalty

Communication is key with pet parents. You should be their source for all things pets. Learn how to cultivate communication with pet parents and in turn how to create customer loyalty, and increased sales.

Why Independent Pet is Important

As independent pet retailers, we have a personal touch that can’t be matched by the big box stores or Chewy and Amazon. We are the experts in pet specialty and care about pet parents’ furry family members.

Pet Health

Pet health is changing with obesity growth. The health of the pet is at the center of Wellness Natural Pet Food. Nature + Science to CORE so pet parents can see the difference.

Change in Pet Parents Shopping Habits

Hear about what has changed in the pet food world. Pet parents have modified their shopping habits, the profile of our shopper is changing and the recommendations from veterinarians is now against many brands sold in pet specialty.

Wellness CORE’s New Products

Wellness continues to innovate with the changing landscape, keeping pet parent’s buying habits in mind. CORE gives pet parents’ choices, enabling them to make the best decision for their pet, whether it be grain or grain-free.

Vet Recommendations

Hear straight from Dr. Danielle Bernal about what veterinarians are recommending for pet parents.

About Dr. Danielle Bernal

Global Director Vet Nutrition with WellPet, Premium Natural Pet Food

Dr. Bernal has over 15 years of experience in veterinary medicine, specializing in animal nutrition. In her role as WellPet’s chief veterinarian, she specializes in passionately educating pet parents and retailers alike on the important role that superior quality pet nutrition and natural treats can play in enhancing every dog and cat’s wellbeing.

With so many brands, products, and feeding formats available to pet parents, Dr. Bernal’s engaging education sessions focus on cutting through the complexity of the pet food category to deliver succinct consumer-led insights and trends that not only showcase retail opportunities but also covers how brands support pet health and wellbeing. Renown for making the complex simple, Dr. Bernal highlights the key ingredients features included in pet food, their valuable benefits to the pet, and most importantly the difference that pet parents will see. This not only enables retailers to better understand the category but it valuably also aids improved communication and recommendation to their customers.

Dr. Bernal has been featured in TV, radio, digital, social, and print stories in numerous countries and is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK, the American Veterinary Medical Association as well as the Australian Veterinary Medical Association and the Veterinary Practitioners Board NSW.

About Berenice Giannini

eTailPet was founded by a former independent pet retailer to empower the independent pet community in the digital age. eTailPet Founder and CEO Berenice Giannini began a chain of brick and mortar stores in Southern California in 2014, during the middle of the retail revolution.

It quickly became evident that if this newly formed brick and mortar chain was going to succeed – or even survive – the stores would need to have an online presence. Looking at the gap between her needs as a pet store owner and the off-the-shelf options available for retailers, Berenice embarked on creating custom software to solve her own pain points, specifically targeting e-commerce and making the process informative and actionable. She built an enterprise e-commerce system with a smart order algorithm for inventory management and point-of-sale integration.

Berenice knew that serving pet parents on a personal and digital level was a pain point in the independent pet industry – so she took her pet industry knowledge, USC finance degree, and passion to help local businesses and created a solution to empower independent retailers across the country to increase their online presence. In March 2018 eTailPet was born and has been on a mission to empower online sales for independent pet retailers ever since.

Published by eTailPet
On October 13, 2020