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On September 2, 2022

2022 SuperZoo Trends

SuperZoo2022It was incredible to be back at SuperZoo! Our team took to the show floor and came back with some trends to share.Team

We have continuously spoken about Millenials and Gen Z becoming pet parents and we believe the trends we saw at SuperZoo speak to this growing demographic. Some major areas included products that humanized pets, plant-based food alternatives, sustainable products and packaging as well as a push to shop locally with intention.

You Say Pets,We Say Kids



We encountered many products that had a human element to them such as Weruva’s new Meal’s N’ More line featuring Grandma’s Chicken Soup recipe.

Cloud Star introduced some human-grade Oreo-like sandwich cookies made with


peanut butter along with some birthday bites to celebrate your pup’s birthday with a fun treat.


Earth Animal No-hide

While pet parents are enjoying a tasty summer barbeque they can’t leave out their hungry four-legged friend. Earth Animal created a treat of their own, The Barbeque No-Hide made from humanely raised chicken, turkey, and natural hickory smoke flavor.


P.L.A.Y. made some fun 80’s inspired toys that will have pets playing all day and give nostalgic feelings to pet parents as they recognize their bottle of Aqua Net or Atari controller.

Plant-based Products

Just as Millenials and GenZs are evaluating their diets and moving towards healthier and plant-based lifestyles they are bringing their furry family members along with them.



Open Farm introduced Kind Earth, a 100% plant-powered protein made with 100% traceable and non-GMO ingredients. They boast a high quality of protein to support overall health and a great solution for dogs with food sensitivity.

Plant-based No-Meat No-Hide dog chews from Earth Animal have a meaty flavor glaze that smells and tastes like meat, but are made with the power of plants

Moochie also now makes a vegan formula dog food that addresses vegan pet parents. With no artificial flavors or preservatives, and vegetables sustainably sourced from local farmers and producers, they address multiple causes deeply sought out by conscious consumers.

Sustainability Conversations Continue

This demographic is environmentally conscious and that translates into wanting products and packaging that are as well. Sustainability initiatives could be prominently seen throughout the SuperZoo show floor. Companies are ramping up their efforts to make their products and their packaging more eco-friendly. There were pet toys made with recycled materials, dog treats made from upcycled human food waste, and a variety of products that are biodegradable, compostable, or recycled.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition has continued to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability for our industry. During SuperZoo leaders from Earth Animal, Primal Pet Foods, Pecurean, Instinct, and Canidae Pet Food publicly signed the Pet Sustainability Coalition’sPSC Packaging Pledge, a new program that assists companies meet voluntary, public and time-bound commitments that will improve the sustainability of their packaging.

More than 50% of Earth Animal’s packaging is made from recyclable and recycled materials, however, they are committed to making 100% of their packaging recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025.

“Sustainability is a trend that is here to stay. If pet food manufacturers don’t get on board, they are going to get left behind.” —Melissa Bauer, Director of Sustainability, Pet Sustainability Coalition

Neighborhood Pet Stores Are Here to Stay

This year’s exciting trend at SuperZoo is the growth and advocacy of, a community of independent pet retailers of all sizes joining forces to improve the lives of pets and pet parents nationwide. Their mission is to empower neighborhood pet retailers to work together for the prosperity of pets and pet parents as they hold a vital, sustainable, and growing place at the core of the pet industry. Members of IndiePet benefit from strategic retail insights, industry committee experts, and industry data, to propel their store’s footprint to the next level and for generations to come.

Retailers should pay attention to this trend because there has never been a community as devoted to ensuring the advancements and growth of the indie pet channel for all.  IndiePet’s G.A.M.E O.N.  is a  long-term strategic objective that concentrates on 6 important initiatives that address the most urgent needs of the channel. This is a great opportunity to get involved with  IndiePet and be part of the conversation with like-minded peers.

Staying Relevant for Generations to Come

The industry as a whole has shifted its products and practices to speak to this new generation ofshopping on phone pet parents. eTailPet has created software that helps your pet store meet the needs of this growing market with ease. These shoppers like to browse their phones for the products they need and whether that be on your web store or your social media pages. Make sure you have the tools in place to capture their sales digitally and in-store with software that streamlines your inventory and gets you found on Google to increase your store’s foot traffic. The Industry has spoken: don’t get left behind as the industry moves forward.

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On September 2, 2022